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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 11 May 2012

If you are passionate about photography or if you are a professional photographer, then probably your hard disk is full of different photos. Having so many photos can be a problem sometimes, especially when you need to manage them or when you need to find a certain photo. In this case, the Windows operating system cannot help you, as it doesn't have a feature for organizing photos, nor to look for them. This is why you should install a separate application in order to achieve this functionality. A program which can help you in this case is XnView.

This simple Windows application allows you to navigate through all your photos and organize them in the most efficient way possible, so that you can find a certain photo fast. The application is very simple to install, completing this process in a few seconds and requiring a couple of clicks for this. After installing and running the program, the user will see an interface which resembles Windows Explorer, but having a greater functionality than it.

When navigating to a photo folder, all the images inside it will be displayed as thumbnails. Selecting a photo will display a larger version of it in the lower part of the interface, together with various information regarding the image, like its properties, histogram, EXIF data and so on. This information allows the user to determine whether the photo was taken in the best conditions or it needs to be retaken or modified. Speaking of which, when double clicking on an image, a new interface will be displayed, which contains various effects and adjustments that can be added to photos. This adjustments can make a photo better than ever and can also bring a touch of personality to it.

Besides displaying and editing photos, XnView also allows converting them from a format to another. For this purpose, there is a batch convert feature available, which can convert a large number of photos at the same time, from a format to another. The application supports a wide range of graphical formats.

But XnView does not only deal with image files, as it can also play video and audio files. This can be done using the built-in player, which includes most of the basic controls available at a typical media player. For sharing photos or for viewing them in better conditions, XnView includes a slideshow feature and the possibility to save a list of photos as a webpage.


It supports a wide range of graphical formats and even audio and video files. Besides that, it can easily organize and display large numbers of photos. Furthermore, it can convert image files from a format to another. What's more, it can create image slideshows or photo web pages.


The menu system seems a bit too complex. XnView allows you to manage, organize and edit all your photos in the easiest and quickest way possible and also to play audio and video files, all in a simple interface.



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XnView has been reviewed by Jerome Johnston on 11 May 2012. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated XnView 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential


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